"Best Hair Salon"
- Austin Chronicle 2011

Y'all love Avant. You just can't help yourselves. Owner Roy Fredericks is a true pioneer in Austin's beauty scene with decades of successful salons under his belt. Extraordinarily talented stylists go through Avant's meticulous training process, ensuring that when you see an Avant haircut, you know it's an Avant haircut. With his ever-growing empire in Central Texas, Fredericks and Avant will be remembered as the foundation upon which our current fashion scene was built."

"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2017
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2016
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2015
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2014
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2011
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2010
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2009
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2007
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 2005
"Top 200" - Salon Today Magazine 1999 

"Fashion TrailBlazer"-Austin Fashion Week 2015
"Top 5 Salon" -Austin Fashion Week 2010
"Best Salon" - Austin Fashion Awards 2009

"Best Salon" - Rare 2009

"Best Hair Salon"
- Austin Chronicle

“Avant – it's not just a salon and spa ... it's an institution and probably one of the top businesses that have won more "Best of Austin" awards than any others. Do we need to go on about their excellent service, products, and multiple locations? Nah, we'll just let their fabulous reputation and a mention in the September 2006 issue of InStyle speak for themselves.” – Austin Chronicle 2006

"Best Salon"
91, 96, 97, 98, 99, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 11'
"Best Spa" 2006
"Best Stylist" 1997
"Best Shampoo" 1992

"Best Salon"
- InStyle

"The ultimate AVEDA salon and spa experience in Austin since 1983. With multiple locations throughout the city, Avant has been voted "Best Salon" by the Austin Chronicle and CitySearch 2006, "Best Color" by CitySearch and AVEDA 2006 and "Best Spa" by the Austin Chronicle. Avant's talented beauty professionals are all graduates of its nationally-recognized educational program. Artistic design plus Daymakers results in a truly nurturing and energizing experience"

"Best Salon" 2007
"Best Stylist" 2006

Austin CitySearch

"Best HairCut" "Best Manicure" 2008
"Best Salon" "Best Color" 2006
"Best Salon, Best Spa", Best Massage", Best Manicure" 2003

AVEDA 2006

Best Colorist

Salon Today Magazine

"Top 200 Salon" Seven Times

Marie Claire, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Allure

"Best Salon" "Best Color Salon"

"Fortunate 500"
Roy Fredericks 2005, 2009, Connie Fredericks 2006, 2007
Austin Statesman 360

Austin Monthly

"Best Extensions" "Best Stylist" "Best Salon"