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Welcome to Issue 1 of ATXstyle!! A monthly celebration and discovery of the people, places, and events that make Austin,.. Austin. The Streets of citys Austin, Berlin, Tokyo is where style is conceived. N.Y., Paris, Milan is where Fashion is born.This Fashion column will celebrate the Boutiques, Salons, Designers, Photographers who helped create this scene,.. as well as discover the Creatives who are creating it. As the Owner of Avant Salon since 1981, I have had the opportunity to be an  integral part of this history and am excited to be part of this monthly adventure.
To sum up Avant Fashion from 1980 thru today,… I begin ATX style with this quote “The whole multitude wanted to seem contrarian. It meant that this type of nonconformism had to be mass-produced.” – Andy Warholl
Austin in many ways has become a CARICATURE of what the town I moved to…. Where as i with many of my friends stomped our feet and whined about the good old Austin days as we watched High Rises pop up, Tourist moving in, Businesses CoOpting the ATX Experience,… Keeping it Weird… I walk down Congress (not too often these days… Parking..ugh) and I see this Austin Hip(ster) look that Avant and I helped to create,,,,
This all being said, we will travel from Austin to San An, from Congress Ave to East Austin to Smithville and Dripping Springs,.. introducing to the boutiques, designers, models, photographers, magazines and yes stylist (not just Avant) that makes Austin one on the Style capitals of the world!! We will introduce you to the Trailblazers as well as the Rising Stars.
Thanks!! Roy Fredericks
(AVANT Salon Spa Founder)

I started cutting Musicians hair, cause I couldn’t play guitar….

Its fitting that the first ATX style issue is focused on Austin City Limits. Music is the heart of Austin. Its what attracted me,… together with the hills, lakes, and cool people!! My first ATX musical experience was seeing Jesse Sublets band, The Skunks at the BackRoom in 1978…. then Rank n File, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray,……… but thats for another issue.

Growing up in Detroit with the musical influences of Motown together with the birth of Garage Rock.
My first concert was at the tender age of 13. It was 1968, My neighbor, baby sitter from youth and first crush took me to the Lincoln Park “Adult” Theater (on Sundays it turned to a rock and rap music festival) to see this local band called the Stooges. Funny ’cause my second Rock Show was at Aquinas Catholic High School, another Detroit band called Alice Cooper…. my destiny was changed. I found the Rock n Roll in me. It came out in Rock n Roll hair. in 1980 i packed my punk rock vinyl, and moved from MoTown to the city that was home to Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, 13 St Elevators, Stevie Ray……  Avant Punk Rock Hair became an intrgal foundation that Austin style grew from! To Quote the Austin Chronicle “Fredericks and Avant will be remembered as the foundation upon which our current fashion scene was built.” Humbly, i agree;-)

Since 1980 Avant has been the dressers to many of Austin and USA Musical talents, including Don Henley, David Byrne, Kelly Willis, Lucinda Williams, Rosie Flores, Shawn Colvin, Charlie and Will Sexton, Laurie Anderson, Max Frost, Ian Moore,…… Great venues have gone and come and gone again. In the months and years to come ATXstyle mission is to Celebrate the Past and Share the New.

Thanks!! Roy Fredericks
(AVANT Salon Spa Founder)


ATX is more then just Mexican and BBQ…..

When I moved to ATX it was all about the Music. In 1980 your choice in food was Mexican or BBQ,…. oh how things have changes, Austin is one of North Americas BEST cities for foodies. Yes, We have the best BBQ and Mexican,…. but so much more. From Food trucks to James Beard Award winning chefs..We will share these culinary experiences.

Austin has been ranked the #2 city for Foodies in the USA (Los Angeles, Calif. is 1st) by Zagat   Check out this blog in Austin Food Bloggers for Links and Information on some of Austins best Restaurants!

We will also be exploring food in the home of AVANT @ Quarry Village, @ San Antonio. Check out this list of Top 200 San Antonio Restaurants per the SA Express.

I am looking forward to sharing the People, the Places and the Food that has led to Austin and San Antonio being considered amongst best foodie cities in the USA. Its a hard job, checking out these restaurants!! But i am a TEAM player. Ill eat at as many as I can!! Thanks!! Roy Fredericks
(AVANT Salon Spa Founder)